TI Microcontrollers

MSP430F169 Microcontroller

MSP430F169 Microcontroller

MSP430F169 Overview The MSP430F169 Microcontroller is one of the Texas Instruments MSP430 family. It comprises multiple devices that feature distinct sets of peripherals designed for diverse applications. The architecture of these microcontrollers, coupled with five low power modes, has been fine-tuned to optimize extended battery life for portable measurement applications. Moreover, the digitally controlled oscillator […]

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F28003x Real-time Microcontrollers

C2000™ Series: F28003x Real-time Microcontrollers

Introduction to C2000 Microcontrollers The C2000 microcontroller is designed specifically for real-time control and has two main application areas: digital power control (such as solar and wind power, communication and server power) and motor control (including household electronic products such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, drones, electric vehicles, water pumps, industrial servo drives such

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