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PCB Engineering Services

Established in 2008, Well Done Technology focuses on PCB reverse engineering, PCB clone, and IC unlock. Our technical team of more than 40 people includes senior engineers with rich experience. With 13 years of practical experience, we have completed over 1000 pcb engineering for clients worldwide, including North America, Europe Southeast Asia.

PCB Reverse Engineering

The PCB reverse engineering services includes pcb to schematic, gerber files, design layout optimization. Our experts can guarantee to make 100% accurate pcb schematic diagrams. Many well-known international customers have also accredited us in various aerospace manufacturing companies or military industries.

IC Unlock

Engineers can reverse engineer your ICs and reprogram them with new firmware if needed. We employ different approaches and advanced equipment to unlock integrated circuits (ICs), including MCU, FPGA, DSP, ARM, CPLD, and more. Additionally, Actel, Atmel, Microchip, STCmicro, and other IC series are supported.

PCB Design

You can benefit from our professional printed circuit board design process from pcb layout to pcb stack-up and creating schematic. When the project is beginning, our pcb design engineers will build your pcb engineering by pcb design software. They will use popular programs like Altium Designer,KiCAD and more.

PCB Repair

Common pcb repair engineering includes component rework, surface mount pads, solder mask repair, de-solder and relayout of boards. Furthermore, you can reqeust making changes to fix an existing design flaw. Just send your circuit board to us, our technicians will work quickly and efficiently to get it repaired.

Our Factory

With state-of-the-art facilities and experienced electrical engineer, we can provide the preminum quality pcb engineering services for you. It’s our goal to to providing the best possible experience for our clients, from start to finish.

PCB Clone Procedures

#1 - IC Unlock (Decryption)
Extract the program from Board 25%
#2 - PCB Reverse Engineering
Get gerber file & BOM list, creating layout and converting it into a schematic 50%
#3 - Prototype PCB Fabrication
Building and producing the pcb sample with schematic 75%
#4 - PCB Functional Testing
Inspect the performance of the new board, troubleshoot issues, and fix incompatibilities before the mass production 100%

Value-added services

Looking for more service about PCB engineering? Your can benift from our wide range of services as below. And our experts will ensure no delays due to quality or errors while working on your project.

PCB stackup design

In the design of a PCB stackup, we can assist our customers with stackup guidance, stackup creation, or verification. They are suitable for any impedance control requirements for single-ended, differential pair, coplanar waveguide, and other technologies.

controlled impedance PCB

Due to the growing application of low-impedance circuits, low-impedance modeling has become an important aspect of circuit design. If you have mpedance-controlled requirements, we can help you for controlled impedance modeling.

Design rule checking

Design Rule Check verifies trace and space, open or shorted nets, aspect ratio, and other parameters of your design. It's used to prevent potential errors in the production process by identifying them in the design phase.

PCB Surface Finish

There are numerous printed circuit board surface finishes, including ENIG, HASL (Tin-lead or lead-free), Immersion Silver, ENEPIG, and so forth. Well Done has rich experience assisting customers in choosing the correct surface finish solution.

DXF to Gerber Files

Gerber files are generally more accurate than DXF files since they are meant for machine-readable output. You can use a variety of software programs to convert DXF to Gerbers. Some of the most popular programs include: Gerbv, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW.

High Density Surface Mount

High density surface mount (HD-SMT) uses very densely packed arrays of small, closely spaced pads. This allows for a much higher component density than traditional surface mount technology, and thus enables the creation of more compact electronic devices.

About Well Done

Found in 2008, Well Done PCB Limited is a circuit board engineering company in China. We provides excellent PCB engineering services by combining innovative solutions with high standard.

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Why Choose Us?

13 Years Experience

More than 13 years of experience in pcb engineering;
Authoritative computer aided engineer degree;
Well-received cooperation cases;

Professional Team

Focus on reverse engineering;
Rapid electrical test and repair;
Experienced in pcb design and development;

Support industries

RF, high-speed circuits;
Industrial control, analog, digital;
Microchip, semiconductors;

Multi-types PCB

Multi-layers (up to 40 layers);
Single sided, double sided;
Rigid and flexible pcb;

cost effective

PCB engineering evalue and suggestion;
Affordable and neogiationable prices;
Signing the contract with non-disclosure agreement;

Fast Reply & Quote

One-to-one expert service;
Formal email & phone call back;
Response within 24 hours;

Testimonials from Clients

What impressed me the most about Well Done is how efficient their work was. Everything from quotation, to PCB manufacturing and assembly, to component sourcing was done under one roof with them! Their prices for small features are reasonable as well. Well Done makes good job in PCB design, IC decryption projects. And they has been working together on many high-volume prototyping tasks too.
First off, I found the staff of Well Done to be professional and eager to help. They were more than happy to answer any questions that I had concerning their PCB making service before placing my order, which made me feel confident about what they could do for me. The quality of the boards was excellent as well - probably one of the best boards that I have received after getting them from a number of different suppliers in recent years!
I am trying to find a good PCB Assembly manufacturer that can produce my device, but it is a very sensitive item and any issues with the components could cause problems. However, after using Well Done's rigid PCBs, I'm extremely satisfied. Would recommend Well Done for PCB manufacture services with no reservations whatsoever! My next project will definitely involve going back-and this time because it's cheaper too!

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