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RISC-V single board computer - Star64

Single Board Computer

Single-board computers (SBCs), known for their compact size, high flexibility, exceptional durability, and outstanding performance, have found significant applications in the fields of embedded Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing. They are particularly well-suited for demanding industrial environments where space constraints prevent the use of regular computers and cooling equipment, yet there is a […]

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What is Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

Digital Signal Processors

What is a Digital Signal Processor? A digital signal processor (DSP) is a microprocessor dedicated to (usually real-time) digital signal processing. The architecture includes CPU/ALU, program memory, data memory, etc. Its common architecture types include enhanced DSP, VLIW structure, superscalar architecture and SIMD structure hybrid structure. Its biggest feature is its internal dedicated hardware multiplier

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PNP Transistor

PNP Transistors: Structure, Working Principle and Application

The first bipolar junction transistor was invented at Bell Laboratories in 1947. “Bipolar” is referred to as bipolar, hence the name bipolar junction transistor (BJT). A BJT is a three-terminal device with a collector (C), base (B) and emitter (E). There are currently two types of bipolar junction crystals, namely NPN and PNP transistors. In

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BC547 Transistor

Exploring the BC547 Transistor: Pinout, Specification, Application and Equivalent

A semiconductor device such as a transistor is an electrically controlled switch, which consists of three terminals, such as i/p, o/p, and a control line, and is named emitter (E), collector (C) and base (B ), which work like switches and amplifiers to convert waves from audio to electronic. Transistors are smaller, last longer, and

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Resistor Color Code Calculator

Resistor color codes are an essential aspect of working with electronic circuits. These color codes provide crucial information about the resistor’s value, tolerance, and temperature coefficient. With a variety of resistor types available, understanding the color code system is vital for professionals and hobbyists alike. This comprehensive guide aims to help you decode resistor color

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