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Founded in 2008, Shenzhen Well Done PCB company is engaged in PCB reverse engineering technology research service, such as PCB design, bom analysis, PCB manufacturing, chip decryption, PCBA, product evaluation, technical debugging, system software reverse research, hardware reverse research and guidance.

Since 2008

As one of the best pcb layout design companies, we have been focusing on the design and development of hardware, software and drivers in the PCB service industry, and have accumulated rich practical experience in product development, OEM/ODM processing and functional testing.

We have many successful cases, especially in the construction of quality control and comprehensive scientific development management system, technical research, technical analysis and implementation, and reverse research of software and hardware products and their functional modules.

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We have rich practical experience in technical research of new products, quality control and construction of a comprehensive scientific development management system, technical research, technical analysis and implementation of information technology software and hardware products and their functional modules, and reverse research.

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From simple household appliances, to complex imported medical equipment (medical CT machines, blood analyzers, etc.), to imported industrial automation Nissan SMT machines, Nissan embroidery machines, and other difficult electronic equipment. We can tailor and customize it for you, rewrite software, decrypt chips, design hardware, and solve the technical property rights and technical patents contained in the product itself.


We provide high-quality PCB customization solutions, efficient after-sales service, accurate delivery, and very competitive prices.

Application field

We have been serving high-tech fields such as communication, network, electric power, industrial control, medical treatment, instrumentation, military products, lighting, audio, game consoles, automotive circuits, textiles (computer sewing machines/pattern machines) and computer peripherals for a long time.

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We Work Hard in Full PCB Services

No matter how difficult your PCB project is, we can tailor and customize it for you, including rewriting software, decrypting chips, designing hardware, solving the technical property rights and technical patents contained in the product itself, etc. The following are specific solutions .

PCB Design

High-speed PCB design, PCB Layout, schematic design, IBIS analysis, EMC design, schematic symbol library and PCB package library production.

Chip Decrypt

IC chip decryption, single chip decryption, 51 series single chip decryption, FPGA/CPLD chip decryption, burn-in chip, chip copy, chip failure analysis, IC reverse design, IC verification and testing, IC model identification and replacement.

PCB Manufacturing

PCB modification, circuit board upgraded, BOM list making, PCB reverse drawing schematics, Gerber data returning to PCB files, PCB/FPC board making.

Software reverse development

Software program code extraction, software rewriting, software secondary development, software disassembly, software system modification and upgrading, etc.

PCB Process

PCB batch processing, high-precision PCB processing, special PCB processing, flexible circuit board processing, rigid-flex board processing, circuit board maintenance, welding, assembly testing, etc.

Mold shape reverse development

Mold design, production, shape 3D data extraction, model parameter restoration, structural prototype production, mold making, etc.

PCB Prototyping

Functional prototype production and debugging, functional modification, prototype model production, mold manufacturing, bulk component procurement, software and hardware development, prototype technical data transfer, etc.

Reverse development of components

Analysis of semiconductor materials, upgraded of components, design and manufacture of connectors, relays, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, relays, sensors, capacitors, resistors and other components.

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Small as 3.75*2.9mm 4-layer precision circuit board of a certain product, as large as complex 28-layer circuit board.

This price includes all parts of the process including designing, ordering, and managing production run costs. In most cases it’s calculated per unit that can be made from a design or in some cases as an hourly rate for project management functions like changes to designs or order fulfillment at manufacturing facilities.

A PCB can be electroplated by immersing it in a suitable electrolytic bath containing an appropriately chosen solution. The current used to plate the circuit board is usually supplied from a DC power source and will depend on how much surface area needs plating.
Once immersed, the components are contacted with this electrical current which then creates metallic deposits within their structure at each point where there is contact between two dissimilar metals (such as copper and gold).

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