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STM32F103ZET6 Microcontrollers

STM32F103 Microcontrollers Datasheet

STMicroelectronics (ST) has developed the STM32F103 series chips with Cortex-M3 architecture. These chips have a 72MHz CPU main frequency and come with high-precision ADC, USART, CAN, USB, SDIO and other

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2N2222A Transistor

2N2222A Transistor

NPN transistors like the 2N2222 are commonly used for VHF amplifier and switching applications and are designed using silicon material. The 2N2222 transistor is considered a general-purpose transistor, so it

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FT232R USB UART Driver

What is FT232R USB UART Driver? FT232R USB UART Driver is a software program used to communicate and transfer data between a computer and USB devices that use UART (Universal

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