What’s the Best PCB Reverse Engineering Tools?

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PCB reverse engineering is an important but somewhat arduous process that involves taking measurements of a circuit board and then recreating it in another software. It’s not easy, especially since the original files are often hidden or inaccessible. In this blog post, you will learn more about PCB reverse engineering tools and how to choose them for your needs.

PCB hardware

PCB disassembly Tools

The commonly used disassembly tools includes pliers, screwdriver, heat gun, soldering iron, solder suction.

PCB Testing tools

Testing tools are mainly used to test circuit boards, electronic component models, power supply current supply, and impedance testing. They include DC power supplies, magnifying glasses, circuit testers, impedance testers.

PCB Scanning tools

The scanning tool is used to convert the PCB into a picture for subsequent reverse engineering work. The main tools are scanners, computers, printers, calipers.

PCB Grinding tools

Grinding tools are mainly for grinding PCB. They mainly include grinder, sandpaper, grinder, impeller, corrosive.

PCB Software

1. QuickPcb2005

QuickPcb2005 is a professional pcb design and cloning software, which can effectively improve the efficiency of PCB work. In addition, it also supports the calling and export of various components.

The main function:

  • Place pads, holes, lines, arcs, vias, components, FILL, POLYGON, and text;
  • Each element attribute setting, grid setting;
  • The CTRL key automatically snaps to the center of the grid and element;
  • SHIFT key to select, de-select, cut, copy, delete, rotate, mirror and repeat functions;
  • 32 layer setting function, zoom display;
  • Arbitrarily set the origin;
  • Design accuracy: 1mil;
  • Comes with B2P format, can read BMP, JPG pictures, and can automatically read BMP resolution;
  • Call PROTEL2.5-2.8 format component library file;
  • Output PROTEL2.5-2.8 format file.


PMPCB is a PCB reverse engineering software with a colorful interactive interface. It supports a variety of systems, runs fast, has powerful functions, and is easy to operate.

Main Features:

  • Support any operating system above Windows 2000;
  • Support Altium Designer software;
  • Support regional proofreading;
  • Support calling BMP, JPG image format;
  • Support intelligent dual-channel drawing;
  • Support scroll wheel to zoom in and out;
  • Support keyboard mapping, good news for notebook users;
  • Support brightness, contrast, black and white, negative, horizontal mirror, vertical mirror adjustment functions;
  • Using a unique operation method, it supports to call 4000DPI, the length and width are 10000+ pixels, and the size of 300M pictures can be transferred in seconds;
  • Support the function of dragging the basemap synchronously with the right mouse button;
  • Support the middle mouse button to quickly refresh the basemap function;
  • Support the function of quick adjustment of transparency;
  • Support the function of making components with one key, free your hands from now on;
  • Support basemap custom offset fine-tuning;
  • Support mm and mil as drawing units;
  • Support mm to mil conversion tool;
  • Common system tools are integrated for easy calling.


BMP2PCB software can convert BMP pictures to PCB files, and the transferred PCB files can only be opened with PROTEL software.


  • The resolution in the X and Y directions is the resolution of the corresponding scan;
  • The color of the reserved area refers to what color in the picture is to be output as a wire;
  • The BMP image format does not require full color conversion for monochrome.


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