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Origin Quantum Computer Wuyuan Series

At present, major countries in the world are competing fiercely in the field of quantum computers, and China has achieved important innovations in this field. Among them, the most noteworthy is China’s new round of breakthroughs in the field of quantum computing: China’s latest quantum computer “Wukong”, which will be equipped with a 72-bit superconducting quantum processor, has higher computing power than traditional computers .

This article will introduce the concept, advantages, composition, application fields of quantum computers, China’s development history and leading position in the field of quantum computing.

What is Quantum Computers?

Quantum computer is a new type of computing technology equipment. Compared with traditional computers, it has many advantages. It can complete some computing tasks that are difficult for traditional computers in a short time, such as simulating complex quantum phenomena and deciphering codes.

24-bit Superconducting Quantum Computer - Origin Quantum Wuyuan Series
24-bit Superconducting Quantum Computer - Origin Quantum Wuyuan Series

Advantages of Quantum Computers

Compared with traditional computers, quantum computers can complete a large number of computing tasks on the basis of interference because quantum bits (qubits) have the characteristics of superposition and entanglement. In this way, quantum computers can complete more computing tasks in a shorter period of time, and have higher computing speed and stronger computing power than traditional computers.

Specifically, quantum computers can achieve computing capabilities beyond classical computers through the two characteristics of “quantum parallelism” and “quantum entanglement”. Among them, “quantum parallelism” can handle multiple computing problems at the same time, while “quantum entanglement” can realize global computing problems, so that quantum computers can complete a large number of computing tasks in a short time.

The Development History of China's Quantum Computer

In 2017, Chinese scientist Wang Jianghong and others successfully realized quantum communication in space, which is the world’s first quantum communication experiment in space.

In 2018, China successfully released the “Micius Satellite” for Quantum Science Experiments, which open a new era of quantum communication.

Micius Satellite for Quantum Science Experiments
Micius Satellite for Quantum Science Experiments

In 2022, China successfully released the world’s first quantum computing prototype – “Nine Chapters” quantum computing prototype. The device has reached the world’s leading level and can perform 33-bit quantum computing. In early June 2023, the research team of the University of Science and Technology of China, based on the “Nine Chapters” optical quantum computing prototype, completed the solution to the “Dense Subgraph” and “Max-Haf” two types of graph theory problems. Compared with the world’s fastest supercomputer Exactly simulating the same experiment about 180 million times faster using current state-of-the-art classical algorithms.

Nine Chapters - Quantum Computing Prototype
Nine Chapters - Quantum Computing Prototype

In 2023, China released the latest quantum computer “Wukong”. It is equipped with a 72-bit superconducting quantum processor and is currently one of the most advanced quantum computers. It is reported that it will surpass the computing power of classical computers and has a wide range of application prospects. Its release will further promote China’s development in the field of quantum computing, and also provide better support and guarantee for China’s technological innovation on a global scale.

Origin Quantum - Wukong Quantum Computer
Origin Quantum - Wukong Quantum Computer

Superconducting Quantum Computer

Superconducting quantum computer refers to a quantum computing physical system based on superconducting Josephson junctions. There are many physical implementation schemes for quantum computing, among which superconducting quantum computing based on superconducting circuits is currently the fastest-growing and at the forefront of industrialization.

With the development of technology, superconducting quantum computing can initially meet the requirements of quantum computers; at the same time, the scale and performance of superconducting quantum chips have also begun to enter the era of medium-sized quantum technology with noise.

Composition of a Superconducting Quantum Computer

Taking the original quantum computer as an example, its model WY-SC24-100 superconducting quantum computer includes 24-bit superconducting quantum chip system, quantum computing measurement and control system, quantum computer operating system and quantum computing environment support system and other components.

Composition of Superconducting Quantum Computer WY-SC24-100 - Origin Quantum Wuyuan Series
Composition of Superconducting Quantum Computer WY-SC24-100 - Origin Quantum Wuyuan Series

Quantum Chip System

The superconducting quantum chip system based on the Kuafu KF-C24-100 superconducting quantum processor is the computing core of the quantum computer, which can realize the execution of quantum programs.

Quantum Computer Measurement and Control System

The quantum computing measurement and control system is the control system of the quantum computer, which is used to control the operation of the quantum chip.

Quantum Computing Environment Support System

Including the ultra-low temperature refrigeration system and the active vibration reduction system of the quantum computer host, it provides a working environment guarantee for the stable operation of the quantum computer.

Quantum Computer Operating System

The first domestic quantum computer operating system independently developed by Benyuan Quantum, “Benyuan Sinan”, provides a fundamental framework for quantum computing software systems for quantum computers, and has functions such as parallel execution of multiple quantum computing tasks, automatic calibration of quantum chips, and efficient management of quantum resources.

Applications of Quantum Computers

With its subversive computing power, quantum computers will play an important role in biomedicine, big data, artificial intelligence, financial technology and other fields, and are likely to fundamentally change the development pattern of these fields.

Engineering Design

Quantum computing can improve computational efficiency in the field of engineering design.


The parallel nature of quantum computers can accelerate developments in areas such as chemical simulations, materials computing, and drug design.

Big Data

The exponential computing efficiency brought about by quantum computers can improve the analysis speed of big data.

Financial Technology

With the help of the parallelism of quantum computing, it can be applied to massive data processing, high-frequency trading scenarios and complex market situations in the financial industry.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of quantum computers can analyze big data more effectively, shorten the learning curve of artificial intelligence machines, and accelerate the development of artificial intelligence.

In Conclusion

With the increasing development of quantum computing technology, major countries around the world are actively researching and exploring its application prospects, and promoting the development of this field. China’s important innovations in the field of quantum computing are particularly eye-catching. It has surpassed many traditional powers and is becoming the world’s leading quantum computing power.

The competition in the field of quantum computing is also becoming increasingly fierce. At present, China’s advantages and dominance in this field have attracted the attention of the United States and other countries, and China will also face the pressure of international competition. In the future, we need to continue to strengthen China’s technological innovation and industrial chain optimization in the field of quantum computing, and improve China’s international status and influence in this field.


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