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Origin Quantum Superconducting 24-bit Quantum Processor

In recent years, the development of traditional silicon-based chips has approached the limit of Moore’s Law, and it has become increasingly difficult to make breakthroughs in the manufacture of chips below 1 nanometer. Therefore, many countries are also actively looking for alternatives to traditional chips, among which quantum processor or chips are one of the key technologies.

What is a Quantum Processor or Chip?

Quantum processor or chips are the core processors that execute quantum computing programs and are also the core components of quantum computers. They are more powerful and faster than traditional chips.

Quantum Chip Production Line

Today, China’s quantum chip research and development results are already at the forefront of the world, and China’s first quantum chip industry chain has been officially put into production at the end of 2022. In June 2023, Origin Quantum Computing Technology (Hefei) Co., Ltd. has carried out the final debugging for the release of the new quantum computer “Wukong”. This is China’s first quantum computing company, and the country’s first deliverable quantum computer “Wukong” was born here.

Quantum Processor Production Line
Quantum Processor Production Line

On the production line, multiple instruments with independent intellectual property rights have laid a solid foundation for the future of quantum chips made in China. The “Wukong Core” quantum chip that has passed through the quantum chip production line is undergoing final debugging in the quantum computer. Soon, China’s latest “Wukong” quantum computer will be launched here.

Traditional Chip Vs Quantum Chip

While conventional chips use binary numbers of classical bits to represent and process information, quantum chips use qubits, which can be in a superposition of 0 and 1 at the same time. The computing speed and processing power of quantum chips far exceed that of traditional chips, and they have a wide range of application potential.

Working Principle

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Principles of Traditional Chips

Traditional chips use binary coding and logical operations of classical bits to store and process data. This chip uses silicon materials, and uses transistors, programmable logic gate arrays and other components to form circuits, and realizes the computing and control functions of computers. Traditional chips have certain limitations in computing power and speed, making it difficult to handle complex scientific and mathematical problems.

Principles of Quantum Chips

Quantum chips use qubits (qubits) as the basic unit of information. Qubits can be in a superposition state of 0 and 1 at the same time, using the principle of quantum mechanics. This kind of chip uses the superposition and entanglement properties of quantum states to store and process information, and has powerful computing power and speed. Quantum chips have great potential in solving complex mathematical and scientific problems, enabling efficient optimization algorithms, simulating quantum systems, and more.

Advantages of Quantum Chip

Quantum chips have many advantages over traditional chips.

First of all, the computing speed of quantum chips far exceeds that of traditional chips, which can achieve faster and more efficient computing and data processing.

Secondly, quantum chips have stronger storage and processing capabilities, and can deal with large-scale data and complex problems.

In addition, quantum chips also have important applications in data encryption and communication, which can provide higher information security and communication efficiency. In the future, quantum chips are expected to play a greater role in quantum communication, quantum sensing, quantum simulation and other fields.

Application of Quantum Chips

Quantum Computing

Quantum chips have important application value in the field of quantum computing. When traditional computers deal with complex scientific and mathematical problems, there are problems of large amount of calculation and long time consumption. Quantum computing, on the other hand, utilizes the superposition and entanglement properties of qubits to perform more efficient and accurate calculations. The application of quantum chips can optimize algorithms, simulate quantum systems, solve large-scale optimization problems and quantum simulation, etc., which is expected to promote the progress of scientific research and technological innovation.

Quantum Communication

In the field of information transmission and communication, quantum chips also have broad application prospects. There are problems of information leakage and eavesdropping in traditional communication, but quantum communication uses technologies such as quantum entanglement and quantum key distribution to achieve more secure and reliable communication. The application of quantum chips can build a more secure communication system and improve the confidentiality and transmission efficiency of information, which is of great significance to the fields of military and finance.

Quantum Sensing

Quantum chips also have great potential in the field of sensing. Using quantum entanglement and the sensitivity of entangled states, quantum chips can achieve high-precision measurement and detection. For example, in the fields of geographic exploration, environmental monitoring, and biomedicine, quantum sensing technology can provide precise measurement and detection means, which is expected to help humans better understand and protect the environment, and promote scientific research and social progress.

The Development of China's Quantum Chip Industry

China has made some achievements in the field of quantum chips. Chinese researchers have made important breakthroughs in the development and application of quantum chips, which have received recognition and attention from home and abroad. China’s Origin Quantum, as a leading quantum chip manufacturer in China, has completed the construction of the first domestic quantum chip production line and has put it into formal production. This is of great significance to China’s development in the fields of quantum computing and communication, and will promote the improvement of China’s scientific and technological strength and industrial competitiveness.

Future Prospects for the Quantum Chip Industry

The quantum chip industry is still in its early stages of development, but it has huge potential. China has a certain competitive advantage in the field of quantum chips, and has the conditions and potential to accelerate development. The development of the quantum chip industry is facing some challenges, such as technological breakthroughs, market demand, and industrial chain construction. However, with the continuous promotion of scientific research and technological progress, the quantum chip industry is expected to usher in a broader space for development. China is expected to gain a leading position in this field, promoting technological strength and economic development.

In Conclusion

Quantum chips are obviously different from traditional chips. They have stronger computing speed and processing capabilities, and are widely used in quantum computing, quantum communication, and quantum sensing. China’s quantum chips are developing rapidly. As a leading domestic manufacturing company, Yuanyuan Quantum has built the first domestic quantum chip production line and put it into operation. The future outlook for the quantum chip industry is promising, with China poised to take the lead in the field and improve its technological capabilities. With the promotion of scientific research and technological progress, the development prospects of the quantum chip industry can be expected.


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