QSPICE: An Innovative Leap in Circuit Simulation Software

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Qorvo’s QSPICE Simulator

Introduction to QSPICE

In the realm of power and analog design, simulation software’s role is pivotal. These tools assist designers in predicting the behavior of their designs under various conditions, thus ensuring optimal performance and reliability. However, existing solutions often fall short due to several limitations. Enter QSPICE, a revolutionizing simulation software created by Qorvo. You can download this software here.

Image source: Qorvo. QSPICE, a next-generation circuit simulation software.

The Shortcomings of Conventional Circuit Simulation Tools

Historically, the simulation software for power and analog design has been predominantly based on SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis), a platform introduced in 1973. Despite numerous variations and updates over the years, the underlying technology of SPICE-based simulators often struggles to meet the demands of modern design processes.

Infineon Designer – Online SPICE Simulator
Image source: Infineon. Traditional circuit simulation tool

These conventional tools often exhibit failure rates of up to 15%, leading to significant waste of time and resources. Additionally, they tend to be slow, lack the desired functionality, and are not always reliable. Furthermore, given the increasing incorporation of both analog and digital systems in contemporary designs, such as those used in AI and machine-learning applications, the need for a robust, versatile, and efficient simulation tool has never been more critical.

QSPICE: A New Era in Circuit Simulation Software

Recognizing these pressing issues, Qorvo introduced QSPICE, a groundbreaking circuit simulation software tailored specifically for power and analog designers. This software is designed to enhance design productivity by offering improved simulation speed, functionality, and reliability.

An overview of the QSPICE user interface
Image source: Qorvo. An overview of the QSPICE user interface.

QSPICE stands apart due to its ability to conduct mixed-mode simulation, empowering engineers to seamlessly incorporate and simulate complex digital algorithms alongside analog circuits. Furthermore, the software utilizes advanced numerical methodologies in its simulation engine to harness the potential of modern computing hardware, leading to increased speed and accuracy in simulations.

Here's a quick start for QSPICE from Qorvo:

Benefits of QSPICE

As a new generation of SPICE,  you can benefit from:

Power and Mixed-signal Designs

QSPICE aims to support engineers as they maneuver through the intricacies of power integrity and noise analysis in contemporary power management and mixed-signal designs. For instance, it simulates parasitic impedances in interconnections and power delivery networks, thus facilitating power integrity analysis in a circuit.

Qorvo reports that QSPICE reduces simulation runtimes and achieves a 100% completion rate, a significant accomplishment compared to the standard simulation failure rates of up to 15%.

SPICE Modeling

QSPICE represents a significant leap forward in SPICE modeling. Over the past half-century, engineers have developed numerous variations and types of SPICE tools. However, most of these tools suffer in performance when dealing with mixed-mode circuits.

QSPICE stands out by fully supporting mixed-mode simulations. By compiling C++ and Verilog models into native code before the simulation runs, QSPICE achieves faster and more reliable simulations, even in the presence of substantial amounts of digital logic.

User-friendly Features and Tools

QSPICE offers a rich set of features and tools, contributing to a user-friendly experience. It provides a complete plotting engine with cursors, an intuitive schematic editor, and the ability to directly paste third-party models into the software. Furthermore, QSPICE includes models for Qorvo’s silicon carbide devices and advanced power management solutions, enriching the user experience.

Raising the Bar

By introducing mixed-mode simulation capabilities, QSPICE enables engineers to tackle complex hardware and software challenges with ease. It supports the design of AI algorithms for electric vehicle (EV) battery charging, optimization of Qorvo pulsed-radar power supplies, and evaluation of the latest silicon carbide FETs.

QSPICE’s ability to differentiate between displacement currents and dissipation currents paves the way for detailed and accurate reporting of power dissipation in devices, a crucial factor for thermal considerations in cutting-edge materials.

Analog Simulation Technology

QSPICE embodies a paradigm shift in analog simulation technology, empowering designers to delve into unprecedented territories in power management and analog circuits. With the rapid advancement of technology, the integration of digital control and compound semiconductors in complex power designs has become commonplace. QSPICE rises to meet this challenge, providing a seamless platform for simulating intricate digital circuits and algorithms alongside traditional analog circuits.

Solution for Complex Hardware and Software

As technology becomes increasingly intricate, system designers face myriad complex hardware and software challenges. QSPICE rises to meet these challenges, offering mixed-mode simulation capabilities that allow designers to tackle these intricate problems with ease.

Power Integrity with QSPICE

QSPICE assists engineers in addressing power integrity and noise analysis challenges in modern power management and mixed-signal designs. This tool allows the simulation of interconnection parasitic impedances using extracted netlists from third-party tools or through QSPICE’s own computation based on dimension and metal alloy information.


By offering significant enhancements that outshine traditional analog modeling tools, QSPICE sets a new standard in circuit simulation software. With its advanced simulation engine, support for complex analog and digital system simulations, reduced runtimes, and a 100% completion rate, QSPICE is a game-changer in power and analog design. It is free to download and use, making it an accessible and valuable tool for all power and analog designers.


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