PIC18F14K50 Microcontroller Datasheet

PIC18F14K50 development board

PIC18F14K50 Overview

PIC18F14K50 is a low-cost microcontroller with advanced features and special value in the embedded USB market. It has a full-speed USB 2.0 compatible interface that can automatically change clock sources and power levels, making it ideal for battery-powered applications.

PIC18F14K50 Microcontroller

PIC18F14K50 Features

  1. Processing power:

  • High-performance PIC18 core
  • Architecture optimized for C compiler
  • 8×8 single-cycle hardware multiplier
  • Dual capture/compare/PWM interface – up to 5 PWM outputs – programmable dead time, auto-shutdown/restart
  1. Memory and data storage:
  • 256-byte dual-access RAM with flexible clock options
  1. Communication interfaces:
  • USB V2.0 compatible interface
  • Master I2C/SPI interface – supports all 3-wire SPI modes – address mask I2CTM compatible Master and Slave modes
  • Enhanced addressable USART module – supports RS-485, RS-232, and LIN2.0
  1. Analog and digital input/output:
  • 10-bit, 9-channel ADC module – can sample and convert automatically – can operate in sleep mode
  • mTouchTM touch-compatible analog comparator W/SR latch – Rail to Rail operation – independent input multiplexing
  • Programmable on-chip voltage reference – versatility for operation with comparators or ADCs
  1. Power management:
  • Software-programmable under-voltage reset function
  • Four power management operating modes
  • Dual-speed clock start-up option
  1. Other features:
  • Self-programming under software control
  • Support for interrupt priorities
  • Programmable period enhanced watchdog timer for full-speed UART
  • Supports low-speed and full-speed operation
  • Supports control, interrupt, synchronous, and bulk transfers
  • Up to 16 endpoints (or 8 bidirectional)
  • Automatic detection of physical connection to USB host
  • Can operate at up to 48MHz internal frequency
  • Fully adjustable internal oscillator – adjustable frequency drift
  • Internal 4X Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) – can use external or internal oscillator
  • Fail-safe clock monitor – can safely shut down during oscillator failure

PIC18F14K50 Parameters

  • CPU Speed: 48 MHz
  • 16K bytes of flash memory
    768 bytes of RAM
  • 256 bytes of data EEPROM
  • Size: 16 KB
  • RAM Size: 768 B
  • Number of I/O Pins: 18
  • Operating Voltage Range: 1.8 V to 5.5 V
  • 25 mA GPIO sink/source current
  • Package/Case: PDIP20, SOIC20, SSOP20, QFN20

PIC18F14K50 Pinout

the PIC18F14K50 is available in four different packages with different pinouts: PDIP20, SOIC20, SSOP20, and QFN20.

PIC18F14K50 Pinout

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