MCP2551 Interface Integrated Circuits (ICs) CAN Transceiver

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MCP2551-ISN CAN Transceiver

MCP2551 Overview

The MCP2551 is a high-speed and high-fault-tolerant device used as a connection interface between the CAN protocol controller and the physical bus. It provides differential transmission and reception functions to the CAN protocol controller, fully compliant with the ISO-11898 standard, including 24V requirements.

In a typical CAN system, each node must have a device to convert the digital signals generated by the CAN controller into signals transmitted on the bus cable (differential output). This device provides a buffer between the CAN controller and the CAN bus, avoiding high-voltage transients generated by external factors such as EMI, ESD, and electrical transients.

MCP2551 Pin Configuration

MCP2551 CAN Transceiver Package & Pin Configuration
MCP2551 Package & Pin Configuration

Pin Function

Pin No.Pin NameFunction
1TXDCAN transmit data output
3VDDPositive power supply voltage input
4RXDCAN receive data input
5VREFReference voltage output for CAN controller
6CANLCAN low-side output
7CANHCAN high-side output
8RSSlope control input for CANH and CANL lines

MCP2551 Features

  • Supports operation up to 1 Mb/s
  • Meets the physical layer requirements of the ISO-11898 standard
  • Suitable for use with both 12V and 24V systems
  • External control slope to reduce RFI emissions
  • TXD input includes ground fault detection
  • Power-on reset and undervoltage protection
  • Disconnected or powered-off nodes will not interfere with the CAN bus
  • Low-current standby mode
  • Protected against damage from short circuits and high-voltage transients
  • Includes automatic thermal shutdown protection
  • Up to 112 nodes to reduce noise

MCP2551 Specification

Product typeCAN Interface Integrated Circuit
Mounting styleSMD/SMT
TypeCAN Controller
Data rate1 Mb/s
Number of drivers1
Number of receivers1
Maximum supply voltage5.5 V
Minimum supply voltage4.5 V
Operating supply current75 mA
Minimum operating temperature-40°C
Maximum operating temperature+125°C
ESD protection6 kV
TrademarkMicrochip Technology/Atmel
Moisture sensitivity levelYes
Number of transceivers1
Operating supply voltage5V

MCP2551 CAD Models

MCP2551 CAD Models
MCP2551 CAD Models

MCP2551 Block Diagram

MCP2551 Block Diagram
MCP2551 Block Diagram

MCP2551 Package

MCP2551 Package 8-Lead PDIP or SOIC

MCP2551 Application

  • Communication and networking
  • Consumer electronics
  • Military and aviation
  • Embedded design and development
  • Wireless technology


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