PCB Reverse Engineering and Prototype of Micro-Type Inkjet Printers

Micro-Type Inkjet Printers

Recently, our company has carried out reverse development and propotype of a micro-type inkjet printer. The main work content: PCB design of the core circuit board, decryption of the single-chip microcomputer and sample debugging and production, etc.

This micro-type inkjet printer NICEJET A400-40Si inkjet printer can print product range:

Printing serial numbers, serial numbers, batch numbers, dates of various types of printed matter

Such as various packaging boxes, trademarks, labels, IC cards, membership cards, tickets, certificates, materials, etc.
Electronic and electrical

Various electronic components and various electronic products, semi-finished products such as batteries, LCD liquid crystals, PCB boards, radiators,

Inoculated connectors, cables and other products spray coding.
Food Industry

All kinds of canned food, condiments, edible oil, and all kinds of biscuits and boxed food products, etc.
Beverage and Brewing Industry

Coding of various bottled and canned beverages, alcohol, pulp oil, vinegar and other products

Building materials industry

All kinds of boards, including all kinds of MDF, blockboard, solid wood board, aluminum gusset board, asbestos board, wooden floor, etc.

Pipe profiles (extruded products): including PVC pipes, PVC trunking, PPR pipes, aluminum-plastic pipes, aluminum profiles, steel

tube, aluminum coil, etc.

Daily necessities, toys, daily chemicals, chemical industry

Such as cosmetics, washing chemicals and other daily chemical products, stationery, industrial oil products, advanced chemical products and other products spray code

Medicine and health products industry

Production date, expiration date and batch number printing of medicines and health products

Auto parts and mechanical parts

Such as brake pads, clutch plates and other accessories.

Micro font printer NICEJET A400-40Si product parameters

Printing Capability:

Nozzle aperture: 40 microns

Print height: 0.6-10mm

Number of lines to print: 1-5 lines

Maximum number of printing dots: 34 dots

Non-contact printing distance: 2-15mm

The fastest printing speed: 340m/min

Input system: Standard US keyboard

Optional bitmap fonts: 5×5, 7×5, 9×7, 11×9, 16×11, 24×16, 32×24

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