74LS04 Hex Inverter

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What Is 74LS04

What Is 74LS04?

The 74LS04 is a digital logic gate integrated circuit that features six inverters, also known as hex inverters. Each inverter within the chip has an output signal that is the inverse of its input signal. The six inverters share a common power supply and ground terminal, while all other connections are independent. The chip also has a certain degree of amplification capability for manually loaded output signals. Inverters are circuits capable of reversing the phase of input signals by 180 degrees. This type of circuit finds applications in analog circuits such as audio amplifiers, clock oscillators, and more.


74LS04 Pinout

74LS04 Pinout
74LS04 Pinout

74LS04 Pin Description

Pin No.Pin NameDescription
1A1Input for the first inverter
2Y1Output of the first inverter
3A2Input for the second inverter
4Y2Output of the second inverter
5A3Input for the third inverter
6Y3Output of the third inverter
7GNDGround: Connected to the ground or 0V supply
8A4Input for the fourth inverter
9Y4Output of the fourth inverter
10A5Input for the fifth inverter
11Y5Output of the fifth inverter
12A6Input for the sixth inverter
13Y6Output of the sixth inverter
14VccPositive power supply: Connected to +5V supply

74LS04 Features

  • Low power consumption
  • Six independent inverters
  • Compatible with TTL inputs and outputs
  • Small size with a DIP package
  • Wide operating voltage range
  • High noise immunity
  • Fast switching speed
  • RoHS compliant

74LS04 Specifications

  • Supply voltage: 4.75V to 5.25V
  • Output current (Min): 8mA
  • Operating frequency (Max): 33 MHz
  • Operating temperature (Max): 70°C
  • Propagation delay: 15ns
  • Fan Out (TTL Loads): 20
  • Package: DIP-14

74LS04 Alternative Equivalent

SN74LS04, MC74LS04, HD74LS04, CD74LS04, 74HCT04, 74HC04, 74AC04, 74HC14, etc.

74LS04 Applications

  • LEDs or small motors
  • Digital signal inversion
  • Logic level conversion
  • Digital clock circuits
  • Data processing circuits
  • Signal amplification circuits


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