Design and development of PlasmaCar Bluetooth module

Design and development of PlasmaCar Bluetooth module

In order to solve the problem of swing cars’ burning the motherboard due to the instability of Bluetooth in the current market, we have developed a Bluetooth module that perfectly matches the motherboard and eliminates the problem of burning the board.
This twisting car Bluetooth module uses three-wire wiring to directly skip TIP127 and fundamentally solve the problem of burning the board.

The positive and negative poles are directly connected to the battery voltage, and the on-off of the Bluetooth board is controlled by sampling the power signal on the circuit board.

product advantages:
1. Stable performance and strong signal
2. The board hardware configuration is excellent
3. Perfect after-sales service
4. Small size, high integration, high performance, high reliability
5. The electric drift car Bluetooth module is compatible with single and dual system controllers
6. Multi-function integrated on one board, convenient, simple and easy to install
7. Step-down, Bluetooth voice integration
8. Cost-effective
swing car

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