PCB reverse design of new energy vehicle boards

Chip decryption and PCB reverse design of new energy vehicle circuit boards

We specialize in circuit board reverse design, (IC, single-chip) chip decryption research for many years. Also very good at reverse engineering, designing and manufacturing automotive circuit boards.

That is, on the premise that there are real electronic products and circuit boards, reverse R&D technology is used to reversely analyze the circuit board, and the original product PCB files, bill of materials (BOM) files, schematic files and other technical documents and 1:1 reduction of PCB silk screen production files.
Then use these technical documents and production documents for PCB board making, component welding, flying probe test, circuit board debugging, and complete the complete fabrication of the original circuit board template.

The car control panel monitors the driving status of the car from time to time, providing drivers with a happy journey service conveniently and safely. Common car control boards are: car refrigerator control board, car LED tail light control board, car audio control board, car GPS positioning control board, car tire pressure monitoring control board, car reversing radar control board, car electronic anti-theft device control board, Automotive ABS controller/control system, automotive HID headlamp controller, etc.

Among the key application objects of PCB today, automotive PCB occupies an important position. However, due to the special working environment, safety and high current requirements of automobiles, it has higher requirements on the environmental adaptability of PCBs, and involves a wide range of PCB technologies, which is a challenge for PCB companies. The circuit board environmental test includes thermal test, interconnect resistance test (temperature shock) (heat-resistant oil resistance), moisture resistance and insulation resistance test, saturated water vapor test (PCT), salt spray test, etc. Peeling, plating separation, hole wall popping, etc. all occur in the inner and outer layers of the manufactured material and are latent, and are not revealed until the use stage, and most of them are caused by the mismatch and imbalance of thermal expansion coefficients of conductors and insulators. . In addition, the resin of the circuit board shows high insulation in a dry environment.

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