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8051 MCU Vs. STM32 MCU

8051 MCU Vs STM32 MCU

8051 MCU The 8051 MCU is the most widely used 8-bit microcontroller, originally developed by Intel in 1980. Its typical architecture, centralized management of dedicated bus registers, numerous bitwise operations,

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Arduino UNO Boards in 3D View

Arduino UNO R3 and R4 Boards

The Arduino ecosystem encompasses various development boards, modules, and expansion shields. Among them, the UNO R3 and R4 are the most suitable entry-level Arduino development boards with comprehensive functionality and

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Arduino Motor Shield Driver Board

Arduino Development Boards

What is Arduino? Arduino is a convenient, flexible, and beginner-friendly open-source electronics prototyping platform that includes hardware (various models of Arduino boards) and software (Arduino IDE). It is suitable for

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Drive IC for Micro Stepper Motors

There are various drive ICs available for micro stepper motors, such as DIO5833, HR8833, SGM42633, drv8833, and more. In this article, we will introduce the principles and usage of these

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