Uses and parameters of DS28E01/DS2430/DS2431 series chips

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DS28E01 chip

The DS28E01/DS2430/DS2431 chips are widely used in medical/printer and other related consumables due to their good encryption and stability. Therefore, more and more customers are consulting the reverse cracking of these chips. He has finally made a breakthrough in this series of models, and has successfully reversed relevant cases for many customers, with rich experience.

DS28E01 is a chip that integrates 1024-bit eeprom. The eeprom has 4 pages, each page is 256 bits, including 64-bit key/64-bit ROM serial code/512-bit SHA-1 engine/register page, etc. The data is transmitted through the 1-wire protocol, and the rate is divided into two types: high-speed mode and standard mode. At the same time, only 2 IO ports are required for data transmission, which saves the occupation of IO ports to the greatest extent.

DS2430 integrates 256-bit 1-wire erasable and editable read-only memory and 64-bit one-time editable application memory in two modes. The eeprom is arranged in pages, each page is 32 bytes, random access is possible, and the communication speed is higher than The standard mode of DS28E01 is slightly higher (16.3kbps), and data control and power supply are all on one pin to effectively save IO port occupancy.

DS2431 is a 1024-bit integrated chip, which is divided into 4 memory pages with 256 bits per page. The 2431 communication follows the 1-wire protocol, and the independent memory contained in it can be permanently write-protected or eprom emulation mode. Other related parameters have much in common with 28E01 and 2430.

All three chips have a unique 64-bit registration number. The registration number is written by factory lithography. The registration number is used as the device address. Their storage content can only be changed from 1 to 0, so it can be seen that the eprom of the chip is limited to the OTP function, so these chips are often used in medical and printing consumables PCBA, and the use time limit is limited.



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