PCB design for 1420MHz tuner

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1420MHz tuner pcb

Design Directions:

This tuner PCB design uses the ultra-low noise linear power chip TPS7A4701. This chip supports wide voltage input, the input voltage range is from +3V to +36V. The ripple cannot be seen with an oscilloscope, and the maximum output current can reach 1A, which is sufficient for the previously designed low-noise amplifier. This design also features programmable output voltage.

This design uses R820T as the main component, the chip has built-in low-noise amplifier, mixer, automatic gain, phase-locked loop and so on. Using this chip, the radio frequency signal of 25MHz-1700MHz can be down-converted to an intermediate frequency of 3.57MHz. It is convenient to use low sample rate analog-to-digital converters to acquire RF signals.

bom list of 1420MHz tuner pcb
bom list
pcb schematic of 1420MHz tuner
pcb schematic
pcb layout of 1420MHz tuner
pcb layout
3d circuit of 1420MHz tuner
3d circuit
1420MHz tuner pcb
tuner pcb
signal test of 1420MHz tuner
signal test



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