Circuit Board Processing of Servo Control System

With the advancement of microprocessor technology, the demand for high-power, high-performance semiconductor power devices and servo motors is increasing. AC servo motors and control systems have become the basic technology for automation in the current industrial field.

Delta ASDA series Servo Drives

Delta ASDA series servo drive delivers high performance, reliability, and ease of use. These drives are suitable for a range of motion control and positioning applications in manufacturing and process industries.

Delta servo drive ASDA-B20421
Delta servo drive ASDA-B20421

Feature Introduction

Delta ASDA-B series servo drives provide an easy-to-operate hand-held panel, which can quickly perform servo drive gain adjustment and status monitoring. Here are all its features:

  • Built-in position/speed/torque mode;
  • High Speed Digital Signal Processor (DSP);
  • High-speed displacement, precise positioning;
  • 25 sets of memory in the handheld keyboard; 
  • Easy-to-use software interaction function;
  • Built-in real-time oscilloscope monitoring;
  • Simple gain adjustment function;
  • Support standard Modbus format.

Performance Parameter

  • Communication specification: RS232/RS485
  • Output power: 100W-2KW;
  • Input power: AC200V-230V (single-phase≦1.5kW; three-phase ≥2kW).


Filling equipment, feeding machines, electrical discharge processing machines, lathes, printing equipment, crochet machines, engraving machines.

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