Case of Decryption of STM32F030 Chip Program of Flexible Feeder

Case of Decryption of STM32F030 Chip Program of Flexible Feeder

The flexible feeder is a flexible feeding equipment with strong versatility. It is currently widely used in automated production in many fields such as automobiles and electronics. It can well solve the feeding difficulties of some featureless workpieces and materials. Inefficient conundrum.
The most common use cases are: injection molding silicone mold parts feeding; silicone sealing parts feeding; electronic material feeding; sheet material feeding; heterosexual parts feeding and so on.
The working principle of the flexible feeder is to use the four motor vibrating rods controlled by the single-chip microcomputer to achieve resonance and the interference principle of coherent waves. The four corners of the feeder work by controlling the four motors to control the vibration frequency of the feeding tray to reach near the natural frequency of the material, so that the material moves in an active state of resonance. Among them, the single-chip control is the core part of the whole machine. Our company has successfully cracked the single-chip program of the control board. We can provide decryption services for the chip of this product. Welcome to consult.

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