RENESAS Chip 32-bit Microcontroller Unlock

RENESAS semiconductor chip

What is RENESAS semiconductor?

Renesas Semiconductor is a Japanese manufacturer of semiconductor devices, which are the building blocks of electronic circuits. The company produces a range of integrated circuits (ICs), including microcontrollers, system-on-chip (SoC) solutions, analog and power devices, as well as memory products. Renesas also provides software and hardware development tools.

RENESAS chip UPD70F3743
RENESAS chip UPD70F3743

Feature Introduction

  • Minimum instruction execution time: 31.25 ns (at 32 MHz operation);
  • 30.5 μs (with subclock (fXT) = 32.768 kHz operation);
  • Memory space Program (physical address) space: 64 MB linear;
  • Data (logical address) space: 4 GB linear;
  • General-purpose registers: 32 bits × 32 registers;
  • Internal 32-bit architecture;
  • 5-stage pipeline control;
  • Multiplication/division instruction;
  • Saturation operation instruction;
  • 32-bit shift instruction: 1 clock;
  • Load/store instruction with long/short format;
  • Four types of bit manipulation instructions.

Performance Parameter

  • UPD70F3743GJ-GAE-AX;
  • Package: QFP144;
  • Manufacturer: RENESAS Electronics;
  • Types: 32-bit microcontroller;
  • RoHS: yes;
  • Weight: 330 mg

Supported RENESAS chip models

Below are our available renesas chips model for unlock: 

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