Introduction and reverse development of outdoor power bank


With today’s smart phones, MP3, digital cameras, tablet PCs and DV players and other digital products consume more and more power. While they bring people a high-quality life, they lack one or another inconvenience due to the problem of charging. Digital products include lithium batteries and polymer battery cells. These batteries generally have a limited capacity and can be used for a short period of time. However, the existing car has its own power auxiliary function, which has a single function, backward technology, low frequency of use, and occupies space resources for a long time, which cannot be expanded and used, resulting in waste of resources. In this environment, the demand for a series of outdoor high-power mobile power sources is increasing.

First, the high-power outdoor mobile power supply usually consists of a shell, a battery core and a circuit board.

Shell part: The shell is mainly used to encapsulate the product, and realize the functions of beautiful appearance and protection. It is usually made of plastic and metal. Some popular products are often made of aluminum all-gold material.

Cell and circuit part: 1. Lithium core capacity indicator circuit

The lithium core capacity indicator circuit is composed of some mature and stable voltage monitoring chips with the circuit.

2. Cell protection circuit

The cell protection circuit consists of three parts: overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, and overtemperature protection. Usually, a triple protection is constructed by some MOS voltage regulator cores and self-recovery fuses, which greatly enhances the safety of lithium cells.

3 charge management circuit

The charging management circuit uses the battery charging management chip to divide the charging process into four parts: trickle charging, constant current charging, constant voltage charging and maintenance charging, so that the portable power supply can store energy to the greatest extent.

4. DC-DC boost circuit

The DC-DC boost circuit generally adopts the integrated chip of the DC conversion switch control type, which can release the capacity of the lithium core to the maximum extent within the safe range, and achieve the purpose of supplying power to a variety of digital devices.

5. Function expansion circuit

The function expansion can usually be updated and added according to user needs, such as the common emergency nighttime high-brightness, anti-theft security alarm, camping mosquito repellent and so on.

Second, a brief introduction to general parameters

Battery pack: usually 200WH-1200WH

Rated power: 200W-1200W

Battery Type: High Quality Lithium Ion Battery;

Input voltage (charging method):

AC: AC 110V-220V 60/50Hz charging

DC: Adapter 22V/5A (110W charging

solar panel charging

1TPYE-C::20V/3A 60WMAX (double-pass) charging;

output method:

AC output: 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz/50hz (three US/Japanese gauges, two national standard outputs)

Four DC outputs DC:13.2V/10A(MAX)

Multiple USB: 5V/2.41A

Multiple USB-QC3.0: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A 18W MAX

Multiple TPYE-C: 20V/3A ) (can be double-pass)

Car charger output: 13.2V/5-10A MAX

lighting output;

Charging temperature: 0~40℃(32~104℉)

Discharge temperature: -10~60℃ (14~140℉)

Storage temperature: -20~45℃(-4~113℉)

Lifetime: >1000 times

Security protection: multiple protection

Input Conversion: 90%+

Output conversion: more than 90%

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