NXP Chip Unlock: LPC17XX Microcontroller Series

NXP LPC17 series chip

What Is NXP Chips?

NXP chips are integrated circuits manufactured by NXP Semiconductors, a company based in the Netherlands. NXP chips are designed for a variety of applications, including automotive, consumer electronics, communication and networking, industrial, and medical. Some popular NXP chips include the LPC1100, LPC1700, and the S32K series.

Case Of NXP chips - LPC17XX Microcontroller

The LPC17XX series microcontrollers have many advantages, such as low power consumption and high cost-effectiveness. It includes 12-bit A/D converter, 10-bit D/A converter and internal RC oscillator. In addition, the LPC17XX series microcontrollers offer best-in-class peripheral support functions such as Ethernet, USB2.0 host/OTG/device and CAN2.0B.

NXP LPC17 chip unlock
NXP LPC17 chip unlock

Performance Parameter

  • ARM Cortex-M3 core;
  • 100 MHz operating frequency;
  • Up to 64KB SRAM;
  • Up to 512KB Flash;
  • Up to 120MHZ working speed.

Feature Introduction

  • Nested vectored interrupt controller for fast interrupt determination;
  • Wake-up interrupt controller, support priority interrupt automatic wake-up;
  • Four power-saving modes: sleep mode, deep-sleep mode, shutdown mode and deep power-saving mode.

Peripheral functions

  • 10/100 Ethernet MAC;
  • USB2.0 full-speed device/host/OTG controller with on-chip PHY;
  • Four UARTs supporting fractional baud rate generation, RS-458, modem control I/O, and IrDA;
  • Two CAN2.0B controllers;
  • Three SSP/SPI controllers;
  • Three I2C-bus interfaces, one of which supports accelerated mode (1 Mbit/s data rate);
  • I2S digital audio interface;
  • Real-time clock, working current <1uA;
  • Eight-channel general-purpose DMA controller;
  • Up to 70 general-purpose I/Os;
  • Motor Control PWN and Quadrature Encoder Interface to Support Three-Phase Motors;
  • Four 32-bit General Purpose Timers/Counters
  • 4MHz Internal RC Oscillator, Adjusted to 1% Accuracy.

Support LPC17 Series Chip Model

Below are our available chips model for LPC17 series to unlock. If you don’t find the model that you need, please contact us.


NXP LPC chips are widely used in various embedded applications, such as consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, and medical devices. NXP’s LPC family of microcontrollers are low power, cost-effective solutions for a broad range of applications. They are designed to provide a wide range of connectivity options, including USB, Ethernet, UART, CAN, I2C, SPI, ADC, and DAC.

NXP LPC chips are well suited for use in consumer applications such as home automation, consumer appliances, and entertainment systems. They can be used for controlling lights, fans, garage doors, thermostats, security systems, and other home appliances. Additionally, due to their low power consumption and small form factor, they are ideal for use in portable and battery-operated devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, and wearables.

In automotive applications, NXP LPC chips are used to control fuel injection systems, engine management systems, and powertrain control modules. They are also used in infotainment and driver assistance systems such as navigation, audio systems, and rearview cameras.

In industrial applications, NXP LPC chips are used to control stepper motors, servo motors, and other industrial equipment. They are also used in automatic test equipment and factory automation systems. In medical applications, they are used in patient monitoring equipment, infusion pumps, and laboratory testing devices.

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