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PCB prototype refers to the early sample of a printed circuit board used to test a concept or design. This is typically done in order to test the design of the board and to verify that it works as intended.
These prototypes are typically created using the same materials and methods that will be used in the final product, which allows for accurate testing of the design. Once the design is verified, the prototype can then be mass-produced.

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How Much Does PCB Prototyping Cost?

The total cost of an electronic product prototype usually includes the cost of the printed circuit board (PCB), component cost, assembly cost, and housing cost. The cost of product prototype mainly includes two parts: “engineering cost” and “processing cost”. For most product prototypes, engineering costs will dominate, especially as product complexity has a large impact …

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Micro-Type Inkjet Printers

PCB Reverse Engineering and Prototype of Micro-Type Inkjet Printers

Recently, our company has carried out reverse development and propotype of a micro-type inkjet printer. The main work content: PCB design of the core circuit board, decryption of the single-chip microcomputer and sample debugging and production, etc. This micro-type inkjet printer NICEJET A400-40Si inkjet printer can print product range: Printing serial numbers, serial numbers, batch …

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