Reverse Development of the Circuit System of the Weighted Display

Reverse Development of the Circuit System of the Weighted Display

With the change of market demand and the advancement of technology, it is more and more urgent to upgrade and expand the subsequent functional circuit boards of the weighing display device. Our company can provide you with customized services according to your specific needs.

Weighing displays used in related fields such as electronic weighbridges are relatively sophisticated displays, and there are specific procedures for installation, use and maintenance to ensure safe and accurate use of the display. However, based on the continuous improvement of customer needs, more functions need to be added and optimized, which often causes various troubles to manufacturers. Our company has long focused on the development of electronic products and can now provide high-quality solutions according to the different needs of customers.

A weighing indicator is an instrument that displays the mass and weighing status of the object being weighed. The traditional weighing indicator is generally composed of error amplifier, reversible motor, balance bridge, excitation power supply, dial and pointer, etc., and works according to the principle of self-balancing electronic potentiometer. It has slow weighing speed, single function and low accuracy, and has been basically eliminated. The current weighing display is a digital display type, which has higher requirements on accuracy, sampling accuracy, sampling speed, sensitivity, display status, temperature and humidity, etc., so the requirements for the circuit system of the product are getting higher and higher, and higher quality circuits are required. system solution. Features of digital display weighing scale: with output interface, it can be connected to various external devices and realize control easily; the software can truly simulate the weighing characteristics such as vibration, empty scale change, material drop, etc., with fast, accurate and stable display; Sensor excitation power supply, easy to use; using ratio A/D conversion and frequency doubling technology, long-term stability in measurement performance is good; there are parameters such as empty scale zero setting, zero point tracking, calibration, maximum weighing, indexing position and so on. The setting unit is convenient to change and has strong versatility. If you have relevant needs, you can consult and communicate.

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